All You Need to Know About Accent Chairs and Armchairs

all you need to know about accent chairs and armchairssigla furniture

All You Need to Know About Accent Chairs and Armchairs

Decorating your living rooms and bedrooms is no longer challenging. With so many designs and the latest styles of furniture pieces available on the market, you can style your home in many creative ways. An accent chair is one such modern piece of furniture used for creating a statement in living rooms. You can buy it as a single piece or in combination. 

Most contemporary-style living room furniture consists of one large sofa paired with two accent chairs. An armchair also makes an excellent choice for small or large rooms. For compact rooms that look crammed with heavy sofa sets, a pair of armchairs make a perfect addition. Select a modern pair of armchairs or accent chairs that match your interior theme and wallpapers, and your living room is all set to make a statement.

What is the Difference Between an Accent Chair and an Armchair?

Both armchairs and accent chairs are essential pieces of furniture for your living rooms. While an armchair can play the role of an accent chair and might look similar, they have different functions. An armchair has arms, but an accent chair doesn’t always have arms. 


The biggest and probably the only difference between an armchair and an accent chair is the function. As mentioned above, an armchair can also serve as an accent chair. If it’s a decorative piece that stands out in your living room, it is an accent piece. An accent chair doesn’t always have arms. It can be a simple chair that seats one person and adds a unique design element to your place. Furniture without arms is accent pieces. An armchair featuring the same upholstery and style as the rest of the furniture serves as an armchair only. 

Purpose of an Accent Chair 

The primary purpose of an accent chair is to create adequate seating space, but its function goes beyond that. As the name suggests, an accent chair is used to create a focal point in your room, highlight bright colors, or add drama to a dull space. Unlike an armchair that looks like other furniture, an accent chair has a different style and pattern. It is sometimes used to create a contrast with the rest of the decor. For instance, if you have selected a neutral theme for your interiors, your accent chair will have a bright and vibrant color that stands out from the rest of the furnishing and decor.

An armchair, on the other hand, acts as a simple seating space that complements your sofa, love seats, couch, and other furniture. An armchair can also be used as accent furniture. It can add colors and design to just about any room.

Selecting between these two modern furniture pieces is a little overwhelming. You can choose a piece that acts as the focal point in your space or something that complements your theme and blends well with the design. Modern homeowners use at least one piece of furniture that adds a dramatic effect to your place. Others choose both accent pieces and normal furniture to create a visual balance.

Where is it Used?

An accent chair is for living rooms. It is used to create a unique style that looks different from the rest of the design. An armchair can be used in dining rooms, living areas, your garden, bedrooms, and even the terrace. An armchair looks good in just about any space, as long as it blends well with the surroundings. The accent piece, however, must contrast with the interior theme and is only for living rooms. 

What Do You Call an Accent Chair?

In living rooms, side chairs are used to add extra seating space for guests. Nowadays, people look for accent chairs that make a statement and act as the focal point. It draws guests’ attention to this unique piece. As tempting as it sounds, selecting an accent chair is one of the most overwhelming decisions for a homeowner. These chairs are available in an extensive range of colors, designs, styles, patterns, and not to mention fabrics.

The right accent chair isn’t just a casual seating space, it sets the entire tone. Pick the right colors and design, and you can transform a boring interior into something extraordinary. Accent chairs are widely used for creating a cozy reading nook in a compact room. Place it near your bookshelf or the windows, and enjoy your morning tea with your favorite book. Any piece of furniture that can seat one person and looks different from the interior furnishing is called an accent chair or a side chair.

Why is it Called an Accent Chair?

Accent furniture is something that spices up your space with its creative style. It is called an accent piece because it creates a statement. As mentioned above, an accent chair is the focal point of your living room. When selecting an accent chair, determine its purpose, the size of your room, and the interior theme of the room where it will be placed. 

For instance, if you need an armchair for reading purposes or you are placing it near your fireplace, you will want something that offers comfort. An accent chair with a metal frame or a straight back won’t work. It should rather have leather upholstery with an armrest and cushioned seats, so you can have a great time reading your favorite books. If the sole purpose of your accent chair is to draw attention toward the art pieces or your unique furniture and fixture, the comfort won’t matter. 

Small tables can also be used as accent furniture, especially ones that are colored with bright shades and have an interesting pattern. Remember that the purpose of an accent chair is to stand out. Even a chair in a neutral color can make a statement if it contrasts with other furniture pieces.

To learn more about different styles and color options for accent furniture, check out the furniture collection at Sigla Furniture and choose a design that fits your preference and budget.