How to Buy Custom Furniture Online?

how to buy custom furniture online sigla furniture

How to Buy Custom Furniture Online?

Have you ever returned from a furniture store disappointed? It seems like every store has the same inventory and the same boring designs. Outdated furniture pieces can be found everywhere. Nowadays, homeowners want durability, modern aesthetics, and premium design in sofas, recliners, and other pieces of furniture. 

Choosing the best piece of furniture that reflects your style and works flawlessly with your interior layout can be a headache. You need to consider several factors to select a piece that works well with your interior theme — the colors, design, fabric, and quality, just to name a few. Furniture shopping can be super hectic. That’s why more and more people are ordering custom pieces. It saves you the time of scrolling your social media feeds or visiting multiple furniture stores to find the best design. Let’s check out a few tips for custom upholstered furniture shopping.

Plan Ahead

Before you start shopping, think about the layout of your living room. If you have not selected a theme yet, discuss the modern layout options with the furniture retailer. There are plenty of options when it comes to design and fabrics. Selecting furniture that blends well with your decor theme and preference can be overwhelming. It seems even more difficult when you have to give details of what you’d like in your home. So, plan ahead. Know what you want before heading to the furniture store.

Reach Out to a Professional Custom Furniture Maker

Custom-made furniture is constructed based on the customers’ instructions. You decide the fabric, color combinations, height, thickness, size, shape, pattern, and other things. You can also leave this part to professional custom furniture makers. Just tell them what you want and show them your interiors. 

They will suggest the best designs based on your requirements and layout. Some stores have AR and VR tools that allow you to view different designs in their homes. This way, you can know how the particular piece of furniture will look in your bedrooms or living rooms. 

Try Vintage

Not every piece of furniture that goes into your living room has to be technically “new.” It’s always better to mix and match different styles. Give your home a retro vibe with vintage wooden furniture pieces. You can design the entire living room around vintage furniture, but if that seems too overwhelming, try combining modern and vintage. For example, you can have a vintage armchair paired with a contemporary sofa. 

Check Sizes and Shapes

Nothing is more annoying than buying a piece of furniture that won’t fit in your living room. Too small or too large sofas can ruin the look of your interiors. So, always take measurements before going furniture shopping. Measure the length and size of your current sofa and coffee tables to get a clear picture of what size will fit in your space. 

Add Variety

Whether you are furnishing a new home or renovating an existing apartment, an important thing to consider when buying furniture is variety. Pair your rectangular bed with a circular table. Get a triangular coffee table to complement the large sofa in the living room. You should add variety. Different shapes enhance the visual appeal of your place. 

The same goes for the size. Even if you have furnished your home with contemporary and luxurious furniture, the place won’t look good until you create a balance. This can be achieved by pairing furniture of different sizes. For example, an oversized bed needs to be paired with something sleek and lightweight. A small and simple desk can be paired with an oversized chair. This mixing and matching will increase your home’s aesthetic value.

Get Samples

Some furniture companies allow you to see any furniture piece in your home with AR/VR tools. But, that doesn’t show you the fabric quality. Besides, you can’t really judge the quality of a piece without touching it. 

So, before making a decision, request fabric samples. You can get fabric swatches and wood samples. Get a couple of them and compare these samples with your layout and wall colors. Get wood samples as well, as wood colors might vary from brand to brand. 

Check in-person

Checking the piece in person is important, especially if you live with kids and pets. You need to see how the furniture will look in your place and how the fabric feels. A pet owner knows the importance of a fabric that can withstand spills and dirt. While a sample shows you the fabric used in the furniture, you can’t tell how your pets or children will feel when sitting on the newly bought sofa or whether your guest will like it. Once you are done browsing the modern pieces online, visit the furniture store and check the quality in person. This will give you a better idea of the quality, size, shape, and design of the material.

Check Return Policy

You may do everything to ensure that the furniture makes a perfect fit for your space, but things can still go wrong. That’s the biggest challenge for people shopping online. What if the piece is too large to fit through your narrow hallway or the entrance door? What if it takes up more space in your room than you measured? And, what if the colors do not work well with your other design elements? Furniture is your long-term investment. 

Since you are spending a huge portion of your savings, you will want your selected pieces of furniture to add an unparalleled visual appeal. Knowing that you can return a piece of furniture will give you peace of mind. Besides, it is quite convenient to shop from a store that has a flexible return and refund policy. So, check the company’s return policy before shopping. You don’t want to get stuck with a piece that barely blends with other furniture.

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