Why Consider Getting Furniture Directly From The Manufacturer?

getting furniture directly from manufacturer sigla furniture

Most furniture manufacturers like Sigla Furniture allow clients to buy furniture straight from the factory rather than third parties. Direct buying is a great option, especially for clients looking for unique and affordable furniture.

If you are in a dilemma and want to weigh your options, here’s everything you need to know about purchasing furniture directly from the manufacturer.

Massive Price Advantage 

Cost savings is one of the primary reasons clients prefer to buy furniture from manufacturers directly. When you purchase from third parties like retailers, you are paying a higher price because retailers include miscellaneous costs in the product’s final cost. So, what you’re paying for is not only the furniture but also to cater to the retailer’s markup, taxes, display, and profit margins.

Direct buying cuts out the middleman from the entire purchase process, and you can enjoy the savings. Generally, you can expect to save up to ten to fifteen percent. 


When buying direct, you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions. Retailers typically stock up on readymade furniture that has been produced for the masses. On the other hand, buying directly from the manufacturers means you can personalize your order. 

Here at Sigla Furniture, we help our clients’ design furniture that works for them and perfectly suits their space. Everything can be customized to meet individual needs, from selecting the materials to the size, color, upholstery, and finish. Furthermore, we also carry a selection of furniture products that you can check out and personalize as you please. 

Comprehensive Product Warranty

Buying furniture from the manufacturer means you will get a full warranty for the product. It means you don’t have to concern yourself with having your faulty furniture replaced. Moreover, you can properly communicate what you want to the manufacturer. So, you can even notify the manufacturer regarding issues that might not be a part of the warranty. However, you cannot expect the same from a retailer. Some retailers will give you the task of contacting the manufacturer if there are any issues with the product’s warranty. 

Access To A Much Larger Stock

Retailers and other third parties pick pieces of furniture that they think their customers will like. They cater to a specific clientele and rarely keep unique pieces. For instance, retailers strictly cater to modern furniture while others cater to mid-century, traditional furniture. But what if you want to take home furniture pieces that combine traditional designs and modern styles? You will rarely find such pieces with a third party, but a manufacturer can quickly provide you with what you need.

To sum up, purchasing furniture from a third party isn’t the best option if you’re seeking unique pieces to bring alive your design imaginations. Moreover, direct buying from manufacturers works in your favor regarding cost savings, more options, warranty, and customizability.

Are you looking for furniture pieces for your home or office? Contact Sigla Furniture and discuss your specific requirements.